Here’s how to claim your $119 benefits, which include:
  1. $20 in cash
  2. A Financial Trading course worth $99 for free
Once you have downloaded Revolut using the special promo link or QR code, the $20 cash benefit activates with the first transaction you make on Revolut (which could be any transaction such as buying a cup of coffee or anything on Amazon). Please read the instructions below very carefully, as you will find a very efficient way to activate this $20 reward, while at the same time activating the $99 trading course reward within 4 minutes.
Step 1: Top-up any amount
Once you have registered on the Revolut app, you need to add any amount of funds to be able to use it (most new accounts have a $20 minimum top up amount, so we recommend trying to top up your balance with at least $20. You will be able to use the funds you top up for any kind of offline or online purchase like paying for groceries, buying lunch, buying something from Amazon etc.).
Step 2: Create a Virtual Card
Once you have added funds to your account, you need to create a free virtual card within the app by going to “Cards”, then “Get Card” and then select “Virtual Debit Card”.
Step 3: Receive your Benefits
As explained earlier, you need to use your new virtual card for at least 1 transaction for the $20 reward to kick in. The easiest thing to do is to combine your rewards by simply getting this trading course with your new virtual card for just $1 using the promo code REVOLUT on checkout. This will be considered as your first transaction and will also trigger your $20 cash reward!
To do this, you should start the regular checkout process with the $99 price and only at the end, right before you enter your virtual card details you will be able to enter the REVOLUT promo code (exactly as the image shows) to bring the price down from $99 to $1.
This way you not only get the trading course worth $99 for just $1, but also unlock the $20 cash credit by completing your first transaction at the same time.
Please note that the $20 cash credit is activated after the transaction status changes from “pending” to “completed”, which usually takes a few minutes, but could take upto 48 hours to reflect on your account.