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Important things to note:
  • Get the Revolut app
    To get the $20, you will need to get the Revolut app via the link above. Downloading it directly from the App Store will not trigger the $20.
  • Register and get your virtual card
    Registration takes a few minutes and you will get a virtual card once you register. In order to get the $20 credit, you need to use this virtual card for at least 1 transaction (which could b e any transaction such as buying a cup on coffee or anything on Amazon) for the $20 reward to kick in. You can even buy this $99 Financial Trading Course for just $1 using the promo code REVOLUT on checkout if you buy it using your new Revolut virtual card. This is another special promotion and this way you can get the Financial Trading Course worth $99 for just $1, while also unlocking the $20 cash credit on completing your first transaction.
  • Receive $20 within 24-48 hours
    The $20 cash credit takes 24-48 hours to show on your account after the 1st transaction using your Revolut virtual card.
About Revolut
Revolut is a free app and has been very successful in Europe since it launched in 2015.
The app has over 20 million users, is worth over $33 Billion and is now accepting US-based users too. You can get your $20 and check out Revolut's long list of features such as easy money management, travel perks and investments by downloading it for free using the link below: