Welcome to Helium's first NFT collection!
The Helium Hotspots Collection is a collection of NFTs created by Pablo to celebrate Helium's 3rd Anniversary by providing community members a series of unique perks and raising funds to #SupportUkraine.
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You can sign up to our Whitelist at the conference.
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Those on the whitelist will receive early access to the NFT sale and perks associated with it. It is not binding in any way, and members will have the opportunity to choose if they wish to participate in the pre-sale or regular sale once all perks are disclosed.
Enjoy long-term benefits
As the owner of a Helium Hotspot Collection NFT you will get a physical reward and a limited edition Sensecap Helium hotspot designed by Pablo Lucker, Moreover, you will have access to several other perks from within the Helium ecosystem via the NFT, which will be disclosed in Q3 2022.
Long-term benefits
VIP Access to future
Sensecap hotspots
First buyer of an NFT will receive a Helium miner customised to the region you want to install it. Every next buyer be able to skip the queue while ordering a hotspot from Sensecap and have access to priority orders.
Closed Discord community
As the owner of the NFT you will be invited to our Discord group, where you will receive support from Sensecap to help you install and start mining HNT, as well as constant updates from Helium Foundation;.
Invitations to Helium and CoiNFT events
NFT owners will receive invitations to Helium ecosystem events and other NFT events put on by the NFT agency, CoiNFT
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