Instructions to Earn $50 in 15 Minutes
Revolut is an extremely successful finance super app, with over 20M users across Europe and a valuation greater than $33B. Revolut's free app has recently launched in the US and is similar to Venmo and Cash App.
We're giving away $50 to a limited number of new users based in the US who try out the 3 most important features of the app. Scroll down for detailed instructions on how to earn $50 within 15 minutes.
Earn $50 in 15 Minutes by Completing 3 Small Tasks
Task 1:
Revolut Feature: Virtual Card
9 minutes
Task 2:
Revolut Feature: Crypto
3 minutes
Task 3:
Revolut Feature: Stocks
3 minutes
Detailed Task Instructions
In order to earn the rewards for trying the 3 features below, start by creating a Revolut account using
this link (In case you download the app without using this link, your $50 reward will not be triggered).
Create a virtual card on the Revolut app and use it to make any purchase of your choice. As part of this task, you need to first get the free Revolut app using this link. Create a free account, top up any amount of funds on it, create a free virtual card, and then use this new virtual card to either make any online purchase or a physical purchase using your mobile wallet (like Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/G Pay). To earn the $30 reward for this task, you need to send a proof of the transaction (screenshot) to Make sure to include your Revolut username beginning with @ as we deposit all rewards into your Revolut account within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation screenshots.

NOTE: This reward is only available for new US-based Revolut users.

To order a virtual card:
- Go to the 'Cards' tab in the app
- Select 'Add card'
- Select 'Virtual debit card'
- These card details can be added to Apple/Google Pay or used online.
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